Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many times motorcycle accidents are the most devastating. They are often not as easily seen by cars that may switch in or out of lanes of traffic. As much damage that can result from a car accident is compounded without the protection of car’s metal and framework surrounding the driver. In contrast a motorcycle has a lower profile and can easily not be detected in a car’s rear view mirror. There are additional road hazards, which affect motorcyclists more severely than other drivers. When a car hits a motorcyclist, the trajectory can lead to being thrown off the bike, having the bike land on top of the motorcyclist, and very severe injuries or death. We are prepared to assist you in your recovery and bring you justice for your pain and suffering caused by negligent drivers who violate traffic laws, such as speeding, distracted driving, speeding or disobeying right-of-way of the roadways to motorcyclists.

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