About The Law Office of Gina Rosato

Gina Rosato, with 23 years of trial experience, has represented hundreds of clients and seen how quickly and drastically lives can be changed in an instant due to the negligence of another person. For nine years, prior to opening her law firm, she worked as in-house counsel for Nationwide and Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies, and other statewide insurance litigation firms representing their insureds. The approach at The Law Office of Gina Rosato is different from other law offices. They are not a high volume personal injury law practice and value an individualistic approach with their clients. They carefully select our accident cases and handle only a select number of cases to maximize our client’s recovery.

Choose the Law Office that cares for your car accident or personal injury case. Call today at (813) 321-5978 or email Gina directly at: Gina@TampaCarAccidentLaw.com.