Tampa Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are not all the same. Having an attorney to guide you through the process can be very beneficial for a few reasons. First, dealing with the property damage aspect of a case and not having transportation can be very stressful. You probably have questions such as: Does the at fault party have insurance? Do I have rental coverage on my policy? Is the insurance company offering me the fair market value on my vehicle? How much am I entitled to receive? An attorney will send a letter of representation asking to confirm coverages that are available under both your policy and any other at fault driver’s policies. Other issues can arise regarding which insurance policy is primary, was more than one party at fault for the accident, if the at fault driver was driving a rental vehicle then research needs to be done on whether that person has other insurance coverage available to compensate you for your injuries. The insurance company may also ask you for a recorded statement. You may not know whether you are required to give a statement, whether the statement is voluntary, or the purpose of the statement.

Helping Injured Clients Get Medical Treatment and Full Compensation

We specialize in helping seriously injured clients get the medical treatment that they need and get full compensation for their injuries. It is important that our clients are committed to getting treatment. It can be very shocking when you are transported via EMS to the hospital, get a few scans performed and get a $20,000 bill. It is very critical that all medical providers are told which insurances to bill. Those bills need to be sent out timely or they can be denied and you could be responsible for the payment. There may be some doctors on your insurance plan who don’t take personal injury patients, you may have no insurance and cannot afford medical treatment, or you may need to see a specialist that is not in your insurance network. Our firm can help you with getting the treatment you need and having the doctor’s wait for payment until your case is completed. We also make sure all parties are paid and that all liens are negotiated so you don’t have to worry about having collection issues on your medical bills. We also negotiate, litigate, and try cases against the insurance companies until a fair resolution is reached. We will handle all aspects of your case so that you can focus on your physical recovery.